Overview of the ACL bearings series

Overview of the ACL bearings series

ACL is an Australian-located, long-standing manufacturer of motorsport and series engine bearings. 

As the manufacturer describes itself:

ACL has a proud and rich history associated with motorsport - it's in our DNA! There is no better testing ground than a race track, regardless of its configuration. In the heat of competition, proven technology always makes its presence known. Today's ACL RACE Series performance engine bearing range has a strong motorsport pedigree and traces its roots back to the 1960s, when engine bearings were produced for the world-conquering Brabham Formula 1.

Further experience in the Australian Supercars Championship and many other races has resulted in the current ACL RACE Series technology A unique combination of design, metallurgy, engineering and precision quality control delivers what engine builders expect from performance engine bearings.

Whatever your application, we have a solution for you - if you are looking for the best - demand the best.

It offers the following product series (click to go to the article):